Caucus Information

Who May Participate: A person may vote at the precinct caucus, be elected a delegate or an alternate from the caucus and/or be elected as a precinct committee person if they have been:

  • A resident in the precinct for at least thirty (30) days, and
  • Registered to vote in the precinct for at least 29 days and
  • A registered Democrat for not less than two months prior to the date of the caucus as shown on the registration books of any county clerk and recorder in the State of Colorado (Date to be confirmed per the Secretary of State’s election calendar).  However, any person who attained the age of 18 or who became a naturalized citizen within a two-month period immediately preceding shall be eligible to vote at precinct caucuses even though he/she has been a registered Democrat for less than two months.  If a registered Democrat has become a resident of the county during the two months immediately preceding the precinct caucus, such affiliation with the party at said prior residence shall be counted in determining whether the person has been a registered Democrat for two months.

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