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The Central Committee will meet on Saturday, July 13, 2019, 6:30 p.m., at Daveto’s at 520 Main Street in Delta.

This  is your official call for Delta  County Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting on 

   Each person can order for themselves.  We will provide non alcoholic beverages.  
     We have a lot of ground to cover in this meeting.  The State Party has sent new agenda for us to share with you.  
  If you can not make it, please send a proxy.
Thank you,
Debora Fisk
Chairwoman of Delta County Democrats 

Delta County Democratic Party 

Special Central Committee Meeting


I,   the undersigned, do appoint:

_____________________________________ as Agent for me and in my name, place and stead to vote my Proxy at the Delta County Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting to be held on 7/13/2019 with the right to vote and to exercise all the powers that I would possess if I were present.

This Proxy carries with it full right of the proxy holder to cast his/her vote as he/she sees fit.

I understand that I may withdraw this Proxy at any time prior to the exercise of my Proxy vote.



The Central Committee of the Delta County Democratic Party sets the larger vision that guides the Executive Committee. The Central Committee is made up of party officers and precinct committee people (PCP). The Central Committee meets quarterly on the third Saturday of the month. The twenty county precincts are divided into three districts, each headed by one or two district representatives making a total of 40 PCP’s.

The Delta area district (precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ) Captains are Deb Fisk, and Dick Gilmore.  The following individuals are district PCP’s

  • Precinct 1, (formerly Pct 18) Delta: – Robert Fisk, Deb Fisk
  • Precinct 2, (formerly Pct 6) Delta:   –
  • Precinct 3, (formerly Pct 9) Delta:   – 
  • Precinct 4, (formerly Pct 1) Delta:   –
  • Precinct 5, (formerly Pct 11) Delta: –
  • Precinct 6, (formerly Pct 8 ) Delta:  –
  • Precinct 7, (formerly Pct 13) Delta: – Robert Manly, Dick Gilmore
  • Precinct 8, (formerly Pct 17) Delta: – Elizabeth Wilcox

The Surface Creek area district (precincts 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14) Captains are?  The following individuals are district PCP’s

  • Precinct 9, (formerly Pct 19) Orchard City: – 
  • Precinct 10, (formerly Pct 4) Orchard City: – Colin Cameron
  • Precinct 11, (formerly Pct 20) Cedaredge: –  
  • Precinct 12, (formerly Pct 12) Cedaredge: –
  • Precinct 13, (formerly Pct 16) Cedaredge: –  Linda Maes, Terrie Watts
  • Precinct 14, (formerly Pct 7) Cedaredge:   –

The North Fork area district (precincts 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20) Captains are Judy Briscoe, Kim Pursell.  The following individuals are district PCP’s

  • Precinct 15, (formerly Pct 14) Hotchkiss: – John Forster
  • Precinct 16, (formerly Pct 2) Hotchkiss:   –  Kim Pursell
  • Precinct 17, (formerly Pct 3) Crawford:   –   Laurie Priddy, Bob Pennetta
  • Precinct 18, (formerly Pct 10) Paonia:     –   Amy Michelle Hoyt
  • Precinct 19, (formerly Pct 15) Paonia:     –
  • Precinct 20, (formerly Pct 5) Paonia:       –   Erin Jameson, Jon Schultz

Communication and Outreach – Purpose, Composition & Duties:

The committee shall develop a positive and consistent presence in Delta County.  Membership is open to any interested registered Democrat in Delta County. The committee shall develop and maintain internal communication systems, mainly through e-mail and social media, initiate and make public external communications through local and social media and visibility at community events, and work to increase membership, membership participation and member diversity through the internal and external communications.

Dick Gilmore, Linda Manley, Robert Manley, Libby Schovajsa, Dave Shishim

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