Delta Dems in Pioneer Days Parade 2019

We rocked!

Thirteen excited Democrats stormed the 2019 Pioneer Days Parade in Crawford, Colorado on Saturday, June 8.

Robert Fisk drove and Dick Gilmore was his co-pilot in the Demobile with Lady Liberty leading the charge and our donkey guarding the rear.
In all honesty, our decorations were quite impressive representing our local, state, national and Democratic Party patriotism.
There were over 50 entries in the parade. We were #32.
Mary Smith provided numerous superb signs detailing our Democratic values.
Our shaded float had pennants, signs and plenty of flags.
Riding in the float were (counter clockwise) Debora Fisk, Linda Manley, Mary Smith, Anne Every and Kathy Browning.
Linda Manley sewed the pennants. Sharp!
Delta County Chairwoman, Debora Fisk, and Linda Manley.
Mary Smith was visited by friends who stopped to say hello.
Part of the Schovajsa Clan who carried signs and gave out candy along the parade route.
Diana Matus carried just one of our signs about the need for us to solve our climate crisis.
And here’s the rest of the Schovajsa family. They doubled our numbers! Thanks so much for coming.
We’re heading down the parade route on Highway 92 through downtown Crawford.
This was the first of four parades that the Delta County Democrats will participate in this summer. Come join us as numbers encourage others that they are not alone in their Democratic beliefs.
The point of our community outreach is to generate a second Blue Wave in Washington, D.C., retaining the House majority, taking the Senate majority away from Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, and restoring a valid presidency in the White House. A lot is at stake in the 2020 election, and getting out our message and the votes begins now in 2019. Join the battle for our democracy. Send your email address to to be kept up to date of all our events.